In the United States alone, Lyme disease strikes an estimated 200,000-300,000 people each year, which is 10 times higher than previous reports. If it is detected early, most courses of treatment entail a heavy round of antibiotics. However, antibiotics are not a “cure-all” for Lyme disease; delayed diagnosis and treatment can lead to chronic, exhausting symptoms that can persist for years.

Like people, ticks love the warm weather, which makes Spring through Summer known as “tick season.” Lyme disease is caused by a specific type of bacteria: Borrelia burgdorferi, which is carried by infected deer ticks. Lyme disease is identified in its initial stages by a telltale “bulls-eye” rash at the site of the tick bite. When the condition progresses, it comes with an extensive list of difficult and often debilitating symptoms. Some of those symptoms include severe headaches, flu symptoms, fatigue, joint pain, heart palpitations, dizziness, paralysis of facial muscles and many others.

Unfortunately, the rash can sometimes be hidden or it may not appear at all. In these cases, diagnosis is often delayed or missed completely until much later when the infection has become chronic.

Since Lyme disease presents itself differently in each person, most health practitioners can’t agree on a specific treatment protocol. It can be treated with antibiotics, but there are other issues to consider during treatment like impaired immunity, inflammation, neurological damage, heavy metal body burden and co-infections. The most efficient treatment plan is an integrative holistic approach that considers these circumstances.

Several pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that this holistic approach can be achieved through the administration of the natural compound, Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP). MCP is a powerful molecule derived from the pith of citrus fruit that is enzymatically modified to a specific molecular weight and structure that allows absorption into the circulation. MCP works as a natural inhibitor of galectin-3 (Gal-3), which is a “rogue protein” and active biomarker that serves as an indicator of disease development.

Years ago, a handful of integrative doctors began using MCP to fight cancer but now it is being used broadly due to it’s wide-spread benefits. Studies have shown that MCP activates immune cells and increases their functionality in both the innate and adaptive (trained) immune response. MCP’s benefits can be used to target degenerative conditions like Lyme disease while improving quality of life.

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