Prevention and Treatment

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Wash these toxins out of your hair

Are you lathering yourself with poisons, even in so-called healthy body care products? Since they wash right off, many people don’t feel they need to worry about toxins in soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Worse, many more people don’t even realize they’re washing toxins right into their system through the largest route of exposure: the skin. […]

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Heal Yourself with Food

The Western diet places heavy emphasis on commercial animal proteins and processed, grain-based carbohydrates that have a low nutritional value. This way of eating is often referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD) — a fitting acronym. In addition to drug-filled animal products and pesticide-laden produce, the SAD is often full of processed food […]

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Is Dental Health At The Root Of Cancer?

Chances are your family doctor has never looked at your teeth. That’s an oversight. The condition of your teeth and gums reflects the health of the rest of your body and can offer insight into your vulnerability for cancer, heart disease and other devastating conditions. The cutting-edge field of holistic dentistry is designed to bridge […]

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Natural Ways To Banish Colds And Flu

Once the temperature drops, cold and flu season looms over health like dark storm clouds. Our fast-paced lifestyles, holiday travels and festivities, along with seasonal changes lead most of us to believe that colds and flu are inevitable facts of winter. But a healthy diet, lifestyle choices and supplementation offers protection year-round with natural solutions […]

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Reduce your risk of breast cancer

Many experts believe we are winning the fight against breast cancer and that the more than 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States testify to our progress. But you can’t be complacent about this deadly disease. Though we may be edging forward in the anti-cancer battle, you may not be out of danger. […]

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Cellphones and tablets: Radiation risk?

Kids love iPads. They’re bright, easy to use, tactile and fun. There have even been videos of toddlers tapping print magazines to close or expand images — and being disappointed when that doesn’t work. In a way, tablets have changed the way we think about the world. But there’s a question that’s beginning to dawn, […]

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Natural Ways To Beat Cancer: The Strategy Of Synergy

Cancer is notorious for its ability to evade treatment. Even when one approach proves effective, ongoing mutations allow the disease to shield its vulnerabilities, resist drug protocols and continue growing. For this reason, conventional oncologists often attack cancer with a variety of aggressive approaches: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. In alternative medicine, this is called the “cut, […]

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Natural Ways To Fight Cancer

As an integrative physician with a focus on cancer treatment and prevention, I’m often asked about my opinions on chemotherapy. Given the potential risk of side effects and research findings that often conflict each other, patients consistently ask me, “Is chemotherapy the right choice?” This is certainly a complicated question, as there is no one-size-fits-all […]

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Eating Clean: How To Detox Your Diet

With warmer weather in full effect, it’s the perfect time of year to focus on “eating clean.” Summer offers more fresh produce and delicious, nutrient-dense foods. Plus, the growing demand for healthier foods in general brings us countless new products in the gluten-free section, low-glycemic sweeteners like coconut sugar and stevia, and an abundance of […]

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Health Essentials For Men

Some men want to avoid visiting the doctor’s office at all costs. If something doesn’t feel right, they give it a few extra days to resolve on its own. Checkups are pretty much out of the question. The problem with this “don’t look for trouble” approach is that trouble ultimately finds them. More importantly, the […]

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