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Wash these toxins out of your hair

Are you lathering yourself with poisons, even in so-called healthy body care products? Since they wash right off, many people don’t feel they need to worry about toxins in soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Worse, many more people don’t even realize they’re washing toxins right into their system through the largest route of exposure: the skin. […]

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Homeopathy For Radiation Poisoning

Introduction: A homeopath by the name of Emil Grubbe, M.D. (1875-1960) was the first person to use radiation to treat a person with cancer (Dearborn, 2005). In January 1896, Grubbe was a student at the Hahnemann Medical College (of Chicago, a famous homeopathic medical school). He gave radiation treatment to Mrs. Rose Lee, a woman […]

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Cellphones and tablets: Radiation risk?

Kids love iPads. They’re bright, easy to use, tactile and fun. There have even been videos of toddlers tapping print magazines to close or expand images — and being disappointed when that doesn’t work. In a way, tablets have changed the way we think about the world. But there’s a question that’s beginning to dawn, […]

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The toxin that threatens your health

One of the most widespread consequences of modern pollution involves mercury, a heavy metal that can threaten your health. Also called quicksilver, mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. While the element has its uses (in thermometers, for example), it’s also a major industrial pollutant, coming primarily from coal-fired power plants. […]

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Are You Eating Your Way to Blindness?

Like so many other aspects of declining health today, people consider it normal that your eyesight gets worse with age. Along with gray hair, wrinkles and other “normal signs of aging,” the need for eyeglasses or eye surgery is simply part of the aging process, they believe. But should this always be true? Scientists don’t […]

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Asthma: A Scary Epidemic

Few people talk about the asthma epidemic; but if statistics could scream, the sound of the asthma numbers would be deafening. Since 1980, the number of people affected by asthma has risen by 60 percent. Asthma-related deaths have gone up as well. At schools, inhalers are becoming almost as common as computers. About 25 million […]

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Are You Deficient in Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiency has become an emerging health crisis. Many people living in northern climes are simply not getting enough of this essential nutrient, particularly in winter. According to a study published in the journal PLOS One, February appears to be the worst month of all. Some experts assert that this annual slump in Vitamin D plays […]

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The Hidden Threat To Your Thyroid

Don’t think the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster is over. Heartbreakingly, the tragic effects are showing themselves in Japan with increases in thyroid cancers and other cancers related to radiation exposure including leukemia. Without question, this has turned out to be the worst nuclear accident in world history. But even as unprecedented amounts of radioactive wastewater […]

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Natural Ways To Cope With Autoimmune Problems

As amazing as our bodies are, they are not able to completely withstand the onslaught of assaults imposed by modern life. The Standard American Diet, our fast-paced lifestyles and, in particular, widespread toxin exposure, have fueled a group of serious health epidemics often listed together under the umbrella of “Western diseases.” And autoimmune disease is […]

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