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Summer Produce Obsessions

I’m loving my summer produce these days! Although if you live in San Francisco like me, “summer” is a relative term Still, living near so many organic small farms in Northern California, there’s an abundance of delicious summer produce at my fingertips. And then in my face. Below is a list of some summer staples […]

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How to Detox Your Life in 6 Steps

Take clean to a whole new level and detox your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and relationships. My dear friend and colleague, Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. is a brilliant functional medicine physician.  Here is his take on how to detox, not just your body, but your life. I have combined his Six Rules for Detoxing your Life with additional […]

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Avoiding Cancer by Choosing Foods Free of Cancer Causing Chemicals.

Seafood contaminants include metals (such as mercury), industrial chemicals (PCBs and dioxins) and pesticides (DDT). Smaller species are eaten by larger ones, resulting in concentrated levels of contaminants in large predatory fish—like swordfish and sharks. Be wise and choose your seafood carefully. Choose fish that is wild caught, not farm raised, whenever possible. Avoid swordfish, […]

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A Sweet Solution To Allergies?

Spring is finally here in all its glory — and so are seasonal allergies. This year, experts are warning us in advance: Take shelter and stock up on pharmaceutical antihistamines! But is there a better way to protect against allergies, even as they appear to be getting worse? Nature says yes. Seasonal Allergies On The […]

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Wash these toxins out of your hair

Are you lathering yourself with poisons, even in so-called healthy body care products? Since they wash right off, many people don’t feel they need to worry about toxins in soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Worse, many more people don’t even realize they’re washing toxins right into their system through the largest route of exposure: the skin. […]

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Heal Yourself with Food

The Western diet places heavy emphasis on commercial animal proteins and processed, grain-based carbohydrates that have a low nutritional value. This way of eating is often referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD) — a fitting acronym. In addition to drug-filled animal products and pesticide-laden produce, the SAD is often full of processed food […]

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Fight Diabetes with Herbs and Detoxification

Our bodies evolved by developing sophisticated mechanisms that help us adapt to changes in diet, lifestyle and the environment. But what happens when too many negative influences impact our health all at once? Unhealthy foods, an overload of environmental toxins and a sedentary lifestyle can challenge our health so overwhelmingly, the body can’t adapt well […]

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The Healing Pharmacy In Your Garden

For countless years, traditional healers have taught the benefits of easing illness with a healthy lifestyle and the use of herbs and botanicals. But don’t think you have to get all your herbs from a jar. Many remarkable healing herbs are growing in your yard. Herbs and spices can be picked a few steps from […]

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Remarkable Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

As more research focuses on traditional medicine, many ancient therapies continue to impress with a vast array of remarkable health effects. Researchers are often surprised at the results — not only by the apparent benefits offered by so many natural therapies, but also by the magnitude of those benefits. Traditional botanical medicines are showing powerful […]

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Homeopathy For Radiation Poisoning

Introduction: A homeopath by the name of Emil Grubbe, M.D. (1875-1960) was the first person to use radiation to treat a person with cancer (Dearborn, 2005). In January 1896, Grubbe was a student at the Hahnemann Medical College (of Chicago, a famous homeopathic medical school). He gave radiation treatment to Mrs. Rose Lee, a woman […]

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